Popular types of grass for Missouri Lawns

Popular types of grass for Missouri lawns

Turf-type tall fescues are the most popular types of grass for Missouri lawns because these types of grass adapt very well to the Missouri climate. There are other types of grass that are also very useful for Missouri lawns and these include ryegrass and bluegrass which are grasses that are best suited for the cooler climatic conditions in the state. In the south of Missouri, there are other grasses that are suitable for Missouri lawns and these include the Bermuda grass and zoysiagrass. Find a St. Louis landscaper.

Choose according to season

When looking at popular types of grass for Missouri lawns, you need to choose them according to the season. For example, in the cooler months, you may want to concentrate on using grasses that adapt well to the cold. These include the tall fescue turf-type. This particular grass has heat and drought tolerance and is an ideal all-purpose grass. Tall fescue is a grass that has a texture that varies between being coarse and medium and is a turf grass that is of the bunch type. It is different because it resists heavy wear and tear as well as high temperatures.

Kentucky bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is used in parts of Missouri where the weather is cooler. It is different than ryegrass and is suitable for lawns that see medium amount of traffic. It is a grass that can also be used on an athletic field.

Fine fescues

This is a type of turf grass that is tolerant to the shade and has a green color that varies between medium green and dark green. It grows well in cold and humid conditions and is perfect for lawns in areas of the state that lie close to the coast or which are elevated above ground level.

Perennial ryegrass

This is a type of grass the germinates quickly and is tolerant to wear. When used in a lawn it gives the lawn a touch of beauty. It is also a type of grass that blends well with other grasses and has fibrous leaves that need a sharp mower to keep them from shredding or tearing the turf.

Bermuda grass

There are other grasses that you can use in your lawn in Missouri in warmer parts of the state. Bermuda grass is the species that most people use in the southern parts of the state. The nice thing about using this grass is it spreads in an aggressive manner by its above-ground runners (stolon) and with its below-ground runners called rhizomes.


Of late, many improved varieties of this grass have been used in Missouri lawns. However, compared to Bermuda grass, this one will establish itself in a slower pace. The latest varieties are known for being dense and are ideally suited for use in lawns in the southern parts of the state. This is a hardy type of grass that turns to a tan color during the early fall to late spring months. It is perfect for the summer season but should not be planted during the remainder of the year.

Depending on the zone you are in, you can decide which type of grass to use in your Missouri lawn.