Asbestos Removal

St. Louis asbestos removalHaving asbestos removed from your home or business is a big deal. Asbestos can be dangerous and shouldn’t be removed by an amateur. But how do you know that a St. Louis Asbestos removal company will do a good job or even do the removal safely? There are a few things you should always consider before you hire an asbestos removal company in the STL metro area.

Quality Disposal Services – Part of asbestos removal is disposing of it safely. If you haven’t found a method of disposing of asbestos then you’ll have to have your contractor do it. For example, asbestos should be safely stored in special bags to prevent the toxins and particles from escaping into the air. While on site, asbestos should be stored in sealable containers and should never be stored or moved without a container. Your St. Louis asbestos removal company should know how and where to dispose of asbestos in an environmentally safe manner. Try checking with your local city hall or department of ecological services for a full list of asbestos safety disposal rules.

St. Louis Asbestos Removal

 Asbestos Removal Companies in St. Louis  Phone Number
 Abatement Specialists  636-875-6589
 Abatepro   314-825-0404
 Advanced Environmental Services  314-644-4930
 Cardinal Environmental Services  314-890-2088
 GenCorp  314-739-1155
 Midwest Service Group  636-726-7800
 Thornburgh Companies  314-644-5323

Asbestos Removal in St. Louis

Licensing – If the company isn’t licensed then you shouldn’t hire them. Asbestos is dangerous and part of the licensing procedure involves safety training. Most states require state licensing for asbestos removal company’s so you can check with your local city hall to make sure the company has the proper paperwork before you hire them. It’s also important to make sure that each person who will be removing asbestos from your home or business is licensed. If one person in the company is licensed but the rest are not, you still shouldn’t hire them. It’s illegal for an unlicensed person to remove asbestos unless it is their own private residence. This means that while you can remove asbestos from your property without a license, any contractors you hire cannot. 

Responsible Employees – If you visit the company only to find that the employees spend more time horsing around then working, then they’re probably an accident waiting to happen. Look for a responsible company with as many credentials as possible. While asbestos removers don’t have to be serious, it does help if they are going to respect the material they are moving in order to prevent accidents. 

Category – Most asbestos licenses fall into a few different categories including air level monitoring, consulting, supervising, training and contractor. You will want to check what type of license the company has and if each contractor is licensed. If they are licensed for asbestos but for consultancy, you might not want to hire them to remove it from your walls. However, this isn’t too big of an issue because most people with a license will be responsible with it. 

Asbestos Removal Resources

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Quality Reviews – Last but not least, always check the reviews on an asbestos removal company in St. Louis before you hire them. Whether you ask around locally to see what people think of them or look online for reviews there, you can get a second opinion from people who have actually hired this company. If they have a good review then you can feel free to hire them safely.