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Carpet and Flooring

Want a new floor? Or just want your old one repaired? Sometimes you have to hire a STL flooring company to get the job done, and when you do, you have to know that it’s being done right. If you’re paying someone to come into your home and fix it, then you need professional quality and behavior. So how do you find the right St. Louis flooring company, follow these easy tips. 

St. Louis Flooring Companies

Champion Floor Company Innovative residential and commercial flooring solutions. Our vast array of flooring collections include timeless hardwood, exquisite carpeting, superior area rugs, long-lasting ceramic, stylish vinyl and durable laminate. A Trusted Investment in Timeless Beauty. For more information about wood flooring, or any of your wood floor needs, contact a company that will know everything there is to know about it, Champion Floors. 

 St. Louis Flooring Companies  Phone Number
 Blake Floor  314-680-2300
 Boardwalk Hardwood Floors  314-849-4369
 Champion Floor Company  314-739-2555
 Eatherton’s Fashion Floors  314-968-0250
 Flooring Rehab  314-280-2729
 Fossil Flooring  314-565-9948
 Green Life Carpet

Heritage Hardwood Floors



 Just Around The Corner  314-487-9909
 May Hardwood Floors  314-650-8260
 Pro Steam Carpet Care & Restoration  636-299-2925
 Sam’s Carpet  314-530-9349
 United Carpet  314-567-3771
 Wincshel Carpet  314-831-8181

A reputable STL flooring company will have photos and maybe even references of their previous work. Ask for examples of the type of flooring you’re looking for. If you don’t like the look of it, don’t think they did a good job or anything else, don’t hire them. 

Unfortunately not all St. Louis flooring companies offer flooring in every material. Some will specialize in stonework while others will work with wood. You might have to choose a local flooring company because they are the only ones who offer the service you need in your area. If so, try making sure that they offer quality work or consider paying someone else extra to come to your area. On the positive side, a flooring contractor who specializes in one material is more likely to be skilled in that one area than someone who works with multiple materials. However, both contractor options are a good choice so long as they are licensed and skilled. 

STL Flooring Company

Check For A License – If you’ve ever picked up a copy of ‘Hardwood Floors’ the magazine by the National Wood Flooring Association, you’ve probably read about one homeowner or another who had problems because they hired an un-licensed contractor. Did you know that it’s illegal to install flooring in some states without a license? Try asking about it and even if it’s legal in your state for a non-licensed contractor, hire someone with a license. The license guarantees that they know how to install your floor properly, that they know how to waterproof your floor and how to protect it from insects. You want a quality installation that will be waterproofed and look beautiful for years. 

Reviews or Reputation – Chances are someone will have something to say about a flooring company. Whether it’s on a business review website or what the guy at the hardware store has to say, you can get a second opinion before you hire. 

Warranties & Guarantees – If your STL flooring company doesn’t offer a warranty or a guarantee then ask for one. It’s important to know that the company is willing to stand behind their work because if not, there might be a reason for it. A good warranty should protect you in case of an installation flaw or possible material flaw that the workers didn’t spot during the installation. 

Flooring Associations and Resources

North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors   

 Wood Floor Covering Association

A good floor in your St. Louis home is important because it can last for generations. Your flooring protects your home from insects, dampness and mildew and even from rain coming under your house. Proper installation is not only important for your houses aesthetic appeal, but for your health as well.

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