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home cleaning St. LouisWant to hire a local housekeeper but not sure which one will be best? If you’re in a larger community then chances are there are several St. Louis housekeeping companies to choose from and you want to know that you’re hiring the best one. A housekeeper can be good or bad and when you consider that a bad one will leave you with a dirty house and money spent, you really want to make sure you’re getting a good housekeeper. 

Reliability – Check references, reviews, other people’s opinions and everything else you can think of to make sure that your new housekeeper will be reliable. If you want to know that they will show up and actually clean your house whether you’re there or not then you have to know they are reliable. Try asking about the persons work history. If they’ve worked for several people for only a short time then chances are you don’t want to hire them. 

References & Reviews – You want to know what other people think and why. For example do they neglect cleaning out of the way corners? Do they do a fabulous job every time? A review can let you know the difference between a good housekeeper and a bad one, and can even tell you the overall quality of an entire St. Louis housekeeping company. Try checking websites as well as asking to possibly call a few of their previous employers. 

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 Cleaning Companies in St. Louis  Phone Number
 Action Green Clean  314-781-3815
 Bales Cleaning  636-498-1000
 Home Maid 4 You  314-892-1140
 STL U Storage  314-449-6063
 Two Ladies & a Bucket  314-229-1736

Bonded & Insured – Most states actually require that a housekeeping company in St. Louis be bonded. Insured is optional but can be extremely helpful. A bonded housekeeper means that you’re hiring someone who, should the worst happen and they steal from you, be legally bound to repay the damages. Usually bonded companies are given strict training and can lose their bond if they steal from you which is a good incentive to stay honest. An insured housekeeper is one with an insurance policy on your property. Should they drop a lamp, spill bleach over your rug or whatever, their insurance will pay for the damages. While the latter isn’t always necessary, it’s an excellent safety precaution in case of any accidents. 

Services – Some STL housekeeping companies offer different services. While you probably aren’t looking for a live in maid who will cook, clean and do groceries, you might want specific services. Some maids don’t do windows while others will wash the dishes for you. Try finding a housekeeping company that offers the services you need. 

Prices – Different housekeeping companies will charge different rates but usually one maid is priced between minimum wage and $15 per hour. If you hire several St. Louis housekeepers, this price can go up exponentially. Make sure you can afford the services and that you’re getting what you pay for before you hire them. Remember that most of the time you will be expected to tip the housekeeper 10-20% on top of the price if it is a one-time thing. If you’re hiring them out every week then you’ll only be expected to tip on special occasions or etc.