Fire – Water Restoration

water - fire damageA disaster can strike at any time. It brings with it untold damage to property. You would feel the need for restoration of the house to its original state. You would have to hire a Disaster Damage Restoration Company for the purpose. The following tips would be of great value to you.

Insurance check: Check out your insurance first before starting any clean up operations. Insurance companies honor claims after assessing the damages. Ensure that you have the proper clauses in your insurance policy. You can begin your restoration process after the inspection by the insurance agencies.

Do your homework properly: You should hire a damage restoration company having a valid license. They should have a general insurance policy in force as well. The company should have a clear worker’s compensation and Contractor’s pollution liability in place. You can always ask for these documents and check them for the genuineness.

St. Louis Fire or Water Damage Restoration 

 Water and Fire Restoration in St. Louis  Phone Number
 Alliance Certified Restoration  314-942-3324
 Assured Restoration Services  636-484-1018
 Atlas Restoration  314-822-0090
 Bales Cleaning & Restoration  636-498-1000
 CATCO  314-772-9010
 Century Restoration  314-487-5000
 Fast Help  314-698-4618
 Fasttrack Cleaning & Restoration  314-643-6868
 Gateway Waterproofing & Restoration  314-352-9500
 Kaid’s Commercial Cleaning  314-800-3053
 Midwest Flood Restoration  314-740-9600
 Paragon Certified Restoration  314-645-2405
 ServPro Fire and Water Clean Up  314-260-7177
 Ultima Disaster Restoration  888-999-2610
 Water Mold & Fire St. Louis  314-282-4140
 Woodward Cleaning & Restoration  314-300-9567

The advantage of hiring a licensed contractor: This would ensure that the company has trained professionals who know the job. The contractor has to pass stringent tests before the authorities hand out the license. They can assure you of a perfect job. You can always do an online check to confirm.

Insist on the insurance policy to be in force: This is a very important aspect. Hiring a company that does not have a valid insurance policy can be detrimental to your finances. In the case of any accidents to the workers during the restoration, the insurance policy takes care of the damages. In case, the company is uninsured, you may have to end up honoring the claim. The worker’s compensation is a very important factor. If the company does not have this policy in force, you should never hire this company for your job.

Get a minimum of three bids before deciding: You should always compare prices before hiring. You would also get to know the important factors as well. Each company would have its own set of rules. You can choose the one most beneficial to you. Having more than one bid allows you the advantage to negotiate as well.

Maintain the documentation perfectly. Make payments by check or through a bank account. You would have proof of payments. These companies may ask for a reasonable advance. This is usually in the range of around 30% to 50%. Anything more should arouse your suspicion. You should pay the balance after the job is over. Have a clear contract in this regard.


The above tips should be of great help to you in the restoration of your property.