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Foundation Protection Services - STL waterproofing

Foundation Protection Services

Foundation Protection Services  314-239-0366 As trusted St Louis, MO waterproofing professionals, Foundation Protection Services is here to lend a hand. You’ve worked hard for what you have; let us protect it from problems like foundation settlement, a wet basement, water pooling in the yard, and soil erosion.

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Foundation Protection Services are your French drain experts in the St. Louis metro area.

Before you spend thousands of dollars for an inside waterproofing system (sump pump and breaking out the perimeter of your basement floor for a drain tile system) PLEASE give us a call! Most homes “do not” need an inside waterproofing system to solve their water problems. Also while an inside waterproof system can give you a dry basement floor it “does nothing” to protect your “foundation footing” from soil erosion that can result in serious problems (foundation settlement, wall push, and floor heave). It is “very important” to do everything you can to resolve your water problems (hydrostatic pressure) from the outside of your home FIRST.

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