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Whether you’re hiring for repair, installation, or replacement, you have to carefully choose your St Louis garage door company. Factors such as price, quality, service, and even professionalism all matter, and you should pay attention. Fortunately, there are many fine garage door specialists to choose from. Here are a couple of things to consider when hiring a garage door company for your home.

St. Louis Garage Doors

 Garage Door Companies in St. Louis  Phone Number
 ANCO Overhead Door  636-343-9167
 Birdsong Company  314-524-2400
 Cardinal Door  314-631-4334
 CGX Overhead Door  314-550-9212
 DJ’s Garage Door Space  314-921-7575
 Edelen Door & Window  314-521-2060
 Elite Overhead Doors  314-221-6951
 F2 Garage Door Solutions  314-749-1609
 Garage Door Specialists  314-795-3184
 Gateway Door and Contracting  314-550-4385
 Martin Door & Window  636-223-8331
 Precision Overhead Door

Renner Supply



 Soulard Garage & Fence Company  314-281-6989
 St. Louis’ Choice Garage Doors  314-309-2945
 The Wright Door Co.  314-484-3667

Some STL garage door companies specialize exclusively in garage doors. While these companies might sometimes be a little more expensive, they are almost always going to offer a better installation. Consider looking for companies that specialize first because although you can sometimes get a garage door installation or repair from a standard construction company, specialty companies are almost always better.

Garage Door Repair in St. Louis

Service: Service is another very important factor to consider. Usually you can look at reviews of the company as well as what they offer to decide if they offer the type of service that you are looking for. Services that you can look for include polite workers, the install or repair you need, delivery if you are getting an installation or replacement, and hopefully a test of the door.

Cost: Price is an issue for almost everyone. Make sure you use it when you’re looking for the right garage door company. Most will offer quotes. Other companies will provide prices on their website, in their brochure, or in their shop. Replacements are almost always more costly than repair or installation, but try to get a quote before you commit to hiring a company. However, it is important to remember that a quote is just that, and not legally binding.

Garage Repair St. Louis

Location: Location can affect delivery and installation times, as well as cost. Many companies will charge by the mile to come out and see you, especially if they are delivering a garage door to your home. Consider the distance from where the garage door is being installed to the company and make sure that any quotes include this amount. Many companies will install for free, but many also do not. Some companies will only service a certain area, so location can be your first method of narrowing down your choices.

Type of Doors: Last but not least, you should make sure that your chosen company has the type of garage doors you are looking for. Different options might include aluminum, steel, or even wood. Other companies might only offer electric doors, even if you want a hand one. Others offer high tech options that open automatically for your car, those with wireless remotes, or a number of other features. Make sure you check out the stock available before you choose the company.

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International Door Association      Door and Access System Manufacturers Association

If you are concerned about the quality of the company, asking around or checking with friends and family to see what they recommend is usually the best option. In fact, just asking around your local area to find out who offers quality garage door services in St Louis can be a great way to find out what companies have happy customers!

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