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A Gunsmith, sometimes known as a gun maker, is a person who makes and performs services on firearms. This includes pistols, shotguns and various parts of any firearm. Anyone looking for a gunsmith should know that there is a clear difference between a gunsmith and an armorer, as most people searching for a gunsmith are actually looking for an armorer. A gunsmith will do factory level repairs, build guns, renovate and alter firearms. An armorer will do basic repairs, cleaning, and disassembly.

Making Guns: A gunsmith’s original purpose was to make weaponry. However, since the late 1800’s, making guns outside of factory work is normally purely for hobby and collector purposes. For instance, to create specialized firearms that are then sold to collectors. Gunsmiths specialize in carving, mechanics, woodwork, mathematics and chemistry relating to a gun. This allows him to make one that is safe and efficient. Most gunsmiths must pass local and federal licensing in the United States before legally making guns.

Renovation Services: Gunsmiths renovate older guns. Usually the process involves the disassembly, cleaning, and the repair of the gun. This can also include the complete renovation of wood and metal parts.

St. Louis Gunsmith

Modifications: Gun modification is one of the special services offered by many gunsmiths. This can be as basic as adding special enamel or engraving. In addition, it also includes making modifications to the workings of the gun to give it more power, or to silence it. Gunsmiths in this niche usually also offer custom guns. As a result, the weapons are made from scratch and by hand to certain specifications.

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 F & D Gunsmithing  636-441-5897
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 Helix Gunsmithing  314-629-7605
 Southern Armory  314-965-4867

Special Services Many gunsmiths specialize in certain services in order to perfect their craft. Those services include a custom gun maker which involves the complete construction of handmade, custom guns. A finisher will be specialized in applying various finishes to the gun including metal, poly base, and cyanide case hardening. Because of this, depending on the finisher, a variety of basic to valuable chemical finishes will be available.

The stock maker specializes in the construction of stocks for a gun. This service can be combined with custom gun creation and checkering to create an engraved stock with patterns. A pistol smith is a gunsmith who specializes purely in pistols and other small firearms, as opposed to working with rifles, shotguns and other longer barrels.

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If you’re planning to hire a gunsmith for any reason, it’s important to check that they are licensed in your state. Infact, all states require that gunsmiths be licensed to prove that they have completed necessary training and possess the basic knowledge to build, modify, or repair a firearm without making it a hazard.

Most of the time it is relatively easy to find a gunsmith, they usually have ads in telephone books and online, or you could ask your local city hall, where the gunsmith would have to have registered in order to set up shop. Finally, different gunsmiths offer different services. If the one in your area doesn’t offer what you need, you can probably ask them to recommend someone else.