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If you have a home with gutters then you’ve probably heard that you have to clean them. Unfortunately, as with most things, many people forget to tell you why. If you’re wondering why you have to spend so much time (or money should you choose to hire a local St Louis gutter company to do it for you) cleaning them out, then here are a couple of reasons why you should.

St. Louis Gutter Cleaning

Ace St. LouisAce St. Louis LLC provides many exterior drainage solutions for downspouts and landscaping. Many systems are available such as downspout drain extensions, catch basins, channel drains, french drains, and trench drain systems. A.S.L. can clean, repair, and install most all guttering, as well as, diagnose each home’s unique requirements for regular maintenance. With over 50 years of combined experience to you, Ace St. Louis has attended to most every aspect of guttering and exterior drainage. It is what we do best. From downspout drainage to gutter guards, we have gathered the most effective products and methods for proper rain displacement on your home and property. “Catching Raindrops Since 1998.”

Scott-Lee GuttersScott-Lee Guttering Company has been pleased to serve the greater St. Louis area since 1986. Over this span of time, we have grown to become one of the largest and finest guttering companies in the area. Our success can be attributed to a combination of several factors. First, our employees take pride in the work they do and believe that customer service is the foundation of a great company. We employ a full office staff to ensure that you speak to a Scott-Lee employee every time you call during business hours. Our salesmen are courteous and experienced and can provide you with a prompt competitive estimate at no charge. Our installers are all members of the Sheet Metal Workers Local #36 and are OSHA certified. This gives the customer peace of mind knowing our laborers are well trained, safe, drug tested, and provide the highest quality of workmanship.

Keeping Your St. Louis Gutters Clean

They Can Become Clogged: One of the first and simplest reasons to clean your gutters is that if you do not, they can become clogged. Usually that means that water goes right back onto your roof and will eventually possibly cause a leak! Cleaning leaves and other debris out of your gutters is an important method of keeping them working properly so that they keep water off of your roof and away from your home. Sticks, leaves, twigs, dirt, and even plastic bags can all become lodged in your gutters, and all of them will clog your gutters.

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Leaves and Other Things Can Rot: Did you know that items left in your gutters will actually rot? While leaves alone can rot and cause a stench, many St Louis homeowners have cleaned their gutters out to unpleasant and smelly surprises! For example, birds will sometimes fall into or get trapped in gutters, and they can rot there. At other times the birds might actually be alive, having built a nest in your debris filled gutter.

Stagnant Water Can Breed Mosquitos: Did you know that if water becomes trapped in your gutter it can turn into a mosquito problem? Anyone in St Louis knows that this can be a problem. Stagnant water breeds mosquitos and your gutters might be the perfect place for them to grow without you ever noticing. Obviously. mosquitos are no one’s friend, so make sure that you clean your gutters.

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Prevent Water Damage: Water sitting in your gutters can do more than breed mosquitos. If you have metal gutters then stagnant water might eventually cause them to rust. If the water is still there when it freezes, it could burst the gutters, meaning that you would have to have them replaced.

Keep Your House Safe: Your gutters are in place to protect your home from a variety of dangers. Therefore, keeping them clean is important. Usually dirty gutters can cause a myriad of problems; including a flooded roof, leakage, or even damaged roofing. Remember that by taking care of your gutters you are taking care of your home.

If you don’t know how to clean your gutters or don’t want to, remember that there are plenty of professional services that can help you out. Most St Louis gutter cleaning services also offer repair and installation in case you have issues that you don’t know about such as a cracked pipe or a leaky corner. You could also choose to clean your gutters yourself but make sure that you are thorough and that you know what you are doing. Most of the time it’s always best to get a pro to clean your gutters out at least once a year, and usually right before spring before it starts to rain!

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