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You may find yourself looking to have some small repairs done around your home, but are not keen about the expense of hiring different companies to get the job done. However, there is an alternative that has been around for centuries when it comes to all types of home repair and improvement jobs, the handyman. 

What is a Handyman? Basically, a handyman is a person who is good at a number of different small tasks. From painting to small repairs and even some types of landscaping or remodeling efforts, a handyman does not necessarily excel at one task, but can do many quite well. It was not all that long ago when a person in the community who was good at fixing items and making improvements would earn extra money offering their services.

Today, many tasks performed by the handyman have been replaced by specialized companies. However, with more people looking for less expensive solutions to getting things accomplished, the handyman is making a comeback.

 Handyman Services in St. Louis  Phone Number
 Biship Handyman Services  314-221-9843
 Fix St. Louis  314-434-4100
 Handyman Headquarters  314-330-6124
 Handyman STL  314-246-0399
 Harry the Handyman
 Home Maintenance Solution  636-332-0343
 Sunshine Handyman Services  314-650-5622

Five Reasons to Hire a Handyman in St. Louis

You Can’t Do the Work Yourself: This is certainly a very good reason to hire a handyman as they can do the work professionally thanks to their experience. Sometimes it is best to hire a professional who is trained to do the job right.

Skilled Professional: Naturally, you will want to hire a skilled, proven professional to do work around your home. The ones who have dedicated their careers in this field offer a wide range of skills. This can include helping fix damage caused by a break-in, replace broken windows, fix loose woodwork, and so much more.

Least Expensive Solution: The most popular reason is that they offer their services at lower rates than most professional companies. So, when you need something fixed around the house such as a broken leg on a chair or perhaps painting a room, the handyman is the less expensive solution.

St. Louis Handyman

Fast Service: Handymen are generally very prompt in getting the job done quickly. Quite often they will come over to assess what needs to be done. Many will provide you with a free quote for their service. Once you hire them, they will then get the tools, equipment, and supplies necessary to do the job. This may be as short as a few hours or last for a couple of days depending on what needs to be done.

Available: Because handymen make their money mostly by the volume of their work, they are generally easier to schedule coming by to do work on your home. This is particularly true if you only need a quick repair as they can swing by, do the job, and then be off to their next project.

Overall, a St. Louis handyman offers a considerable number of services all for a low, affordable price. Most handymen work with the same clients for years.  This includes small repairs and doing odd-jobs that cost a fraction of what larger companies would charge for the same work. 


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