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Whether you’re looking for installation, repairs, or replacement, you want to know that the St Louis heating and cooling company you’re hiring is the best one for the job. There are many reputable companies in the St. Louis area. Be sure to check and compare them using these tips to pick the best one for your needs. 

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Total Comfort Heating and Air ConditioningTotal Comfort Heating Cooling We are a bonded, licensed and insured contractor, with over 25 years experience in the industry. Our company prides itself with quality workmanship and competitive pricing. Total Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning LLC strives for excellence in our service and installations of the many superior products we sell. Our entire staff is dedicated to our company motto, “Our Commitment is your Total Comfort.” Sales, Service and Installation: central air conditioning, commercial rooftop units, gas furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, baseboard and unit heaters, refrigeration, humidifiers, water heaters. 

The Scott-Lee Heating Company brings to the heating and air conditioning service sector a lifetime of experience in the perfection of our craft. Our seven upper-management leaders have over a combined two centuries in the industry, and we have 26 employees who have been members of the ‘Scott-Lee Family’ for over 15 years. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and most energy efficient heating, air conditioning and geothermal systems available. It is our commitment to excellence, however, that sets us apart from the competition.

Hely Heating & Air Conditioning Co. As your friend and neighbor, Hely Heating & Air Conditioning Co. is dedicated to ensuring that your Fenton home’s A/C system is keeping you cool, even during those sweltering summer days. We have the skills and tools needed to cover everything from a new installation to yearly maintenance and repair work, large and small. Leave it to us to make sure that your home is never without refreshing conditioned air when those Fenton, MO summer temps start to rise.

Anton's STLAnton’s Air Conditioning and Heating will provide world-class dedicated service at every level to any of our clients with integrity, confidence and objectivity. By fostering ongoing employee training, Anton’s will set the standard of providing the highest performance value to our clients continuously. Anton’s vigorous pursuit for quality service and work performance will be our signature trademark for the sole purpose of leading the HVAC industry towards a bright and innovative future.

Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating  At Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating LLC, we know that keeping your home cool and comfortable in the summer months is very important. In the St. Louis area, air conditioning is a necessity. Having your cooling system regularly inspected and serviced is vital to your systems performance and reliability.

Reputation is quite simply the most important factor for choosing a company of any kind. Today it is easy to find out almost any information about a company thanks to the internet. You can look online to find reviews, information, and personal opinions. While not all reviews are honest, you can usually get a good idea about the company.

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Prices are Important: Even if you are not on a budget, pricing is still important. Consider comparing their cost per service, or cost per unit if you are purchasing an HVAC system. Compare any freebies such as a free quote or inspection, and then consider the overall value for the cost. While many companies offer similar pricing, some will offer a more obvious value for the money. Remember to include service costs, parts costs, any travel costs, and per hour costs. These should all be considered, as well as the cost of the system.

Only Hire a Professional: Most states require HVAC companies and technicians to be trained and licensed. Someone who does not know what they are doing can make mistakes. Incorrectly installing an HVAC system or part can be dangerous. Major problems can include fire, carbon monoxide build up, or the system doesn’t work properly. Remember to check credentials and training before making a hire.

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Consider Services:  Another thing to consider is that some STL HVAC companies offer more services than others. Consider whether or not they sell HVAC units, whether they service and repair units, and what sort of maintenance and repair services they offer. Other types of service include cleaning can include cleaning and emergency repairs.

 Heating and Cooling in St. Louis  Phone Number
 Anton’s Air Conditioning & Heating  314-334-2165
 Chesterfield Service  636-532-5841
 Courtney’s Heating & Cooling  314-481-9500
 Hely Heating & Air Conditioning Co.  636-305-9555
 Hoffmann Heating & Air Conditioning  314-471-7625
 Jerry Kelly Heating & Cooling  636-352-1677
 Mertz Heating & Cooling  314-344-2779
 Meyer Heating & Air  314-845-1929
 Missouri Furnace  314-261-6000
 Reliable Heating & Cooling  314-423-3535
 Ricotta Heating & Cooling  314-333-5900
 Scott-Lee Heating Company  314-756-9444
 Total Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning  314-991-2665
 Unique Heating & Cooling  314-647-0604
 Vitt Heating & Cooling  314-351-5580
 Welsch Heating & Cooling  314-872-8070

Warranty: Last but not least, you have to consider the warranty. Any Saint Louis HVAC company should offer a comprehensive warranty on their services. Usually the warranty on the HVAC unit itself is up to the company.  Installers should provide an installation warranty as well.  

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