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Retaining walls provide a sure deal of design and panache to your yard, and in the world today they can be structured out of everything right from stone, brick, block or landscape timbers. But because they’re more than just an ornamental or attractive element, it’s imperative that you ensure that they’re designed appropriately.

St Louis Landscaping Companies 

landscape company St. LouisLandscape Concepts is a landscape design/build company specializing in creative design and quality installation. We offer design services, new plantings and renovations, retaining walls, stone and paver patios/walks, and landscape lighting. Whether it’s a formal, casual, or theme garden, we work with you to develop and enhance your outdoor space. Landscape design, plantings, grading, drainage, seeding, sod, and landscape lighting; walls and patio construction. 

ace St. LouisAce St. Louis LLC provides many exterior drainage solutions for downspouts and landscaping. Many systems are available such as downspout drain extensions, catch basins, channel drains, french drains, and trench drain systems. A.S.L. can clean, repair, and install most all guttering, as well as, diagnose each home’s unique requirements for regular maintenance. With over 50 years of combined experience to you, Ace St. Louis has attended to most every aspect of guttering and exterior drainage. It is what we do best. From downspout drainage to gutter guards, we have gathered the most effective products and methods for proper rain displacement on your home and property. “Catching Raindrops Since 1998.” 

STL Landscaping

STL Landscapers  Phone Number
 Ace St. Louis  314-892-9888
 Agape Retaining Walls  314-846-2777
 Done Rite Landscaping  314-330-1162
 Home Care Landscaping  314-267-2054
 Kiefer’s Lawn  314-640-0304
 Landscape Concepts  314-752-2338
 Loyalty Lawncare  636-498-0900
 Mid America Lawn  314-434-9527
 Perfect Edge  636-699-3617
 Quiet Village Landscaping  314-657-7050
 Regency Landscaping  636-677-5200
 Ritter Landscaping  314-209-7911
 Sherwood’s Forest  314-966-0028
 Timberline Landscapes  314-646-0203

Crash course for a healthy lawn:

1. Leave grass clippings on the lawn. Let your lawn reclaim the nutrients from the clipped blades of grass. These clippings are about 85% water and decompose quickly, leaving nitrogen and other important nutrients for the turf.

2. Lawn Aeration. Aeration loosens compacted soil, increasing its ability to transfer air, water and nutrients to the root system.

3. Water your lawn early in the morning (5-9am). Moisture to start the day supports the lawn in against the sun – which is apt to burn off all of the surface moisture. And by avoiding watering later in the day or eveving, you remove the chances of mold or fungus that happens with wet lawns overnight. Most lawns need 1-2 inches of water, weekly.

4. Fertilize. Fertilizing will help your lawn to replenish nutrients and color depleted during winter and reduce stress caused by drought and heat. Be sure to use no more than the recommended doses of fertilizer.

5. Buy a powerful and efficient lawn mower. It will cut grass better and both your back and your lawn will be better off. Most new machines achieve a good balance between power and weight.

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