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Locksmiths are fundamental to unlocking our locked stuff! The profession has been around for eons; they became valuable as components of a battle force in the middle Ages, when, as members of a fighting brigade, they were instrumental in unlocking secured doors and gates during battles. “Smith” is the designation for those talented in fashioning items out of metal. Locks were formerly handmade from metals which were pounded and forged into place. The more modern locks are mass produced and are simpler than the older, intricately-made ones were. The current practice in the lock industry is to change out locks by changing out tumblers. 

Builders of new construction often purchase a batch of locks all keyed to a builder’s master key. Upon completion of the construction, the new owner deliberately turns the “owner’s key” in the generic lock and re-keys it to the new, unique setting, preventing the use of the builder’s master key and also cutting out the need for a locksmith! 

St. Louis Locksmiths

St. Louis Lock and KeySt. Louis Lock and Key is the locksmith to call in all situations. Whether you need emergency service on a motorcycle in the middle of the night or you’d just like to re-key your entire fleet, St. Louis Lock & Key can accommodate you with skill and speed. We can provide a wide range of services, from high-tech solutions like automotive chip keys to solving the simplest issue imaginable: a lost key. St. Louis Lock & Key has been serving St. Louis since 1991 and is an AAA vendor. We opened in 1991 with the hopes of being the best. We’ve achieved our goal and are now proudly serving many repeat customers. 

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 All Lock & Key  314-351-3131
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 St. Louis Lock & Key  314-494-2510

St. Louis Locksmiths: Key People in Helping You Unlock

The modern call for locksmiths centers on people locking themselves out of where they need to be. The most frequent use is to unlock cars where the owners have locked the keys in the car. Another common use is at a residence, where the owner has forgotten a key or has lost the key. 

A frequent use is obtaining the services of a STL locksmith to change existing locks on house door locks either when someone moves to a home with existing locks, and wants to feel secure that no one will have access to the residence. 

Another use of a locksmith for the purpose of changing locks on a residence may be seen in the incidence of divorce or separation. Once one of the spouse’s moves out of the marital residence, it is common for the party remaining in the home to change the locks if permitted by the court documents. The simplest way to effect this change is to call a locksmith, who then will visit the house to re-key the locks. 

Possession of a locked box or container often calls for the intervention of a locksmith. The owner usually has the choice of destroying the object to gain entrance, or calling a professional to break into the box or container. Usually, by manipulating the proper tools, the items can be recovered with a minimum of destruction to the vessel. 

Because the locksmith is in charge of all things metal when it comes to locks, he is responsible for keys as well as locks, and often is called on to make new keys to unlock certain locks. Automobile producers have become sly with their door- and ignition- lock procedures; it is now common with new cars to be forced to go to the dealership to acquire a new key if one is needed. Only after a car ages may the blanks be found commercially. 

Locksmith Organizations and Associations

Society of Professional Locksmiths      Associated Locksmiths of America

When locked out of something, the best place to turn is to a locksmith. Whether the locked space is a structure or automobile, the services of a locksmith are indispensable. Remembering to carry an extra key works also!