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Painters – Drywall

Hiring a St. Louis painter or painting company means allowing someone into your home or business to change the appearance of the location. Most of the time, people hire professional painters and companies because they want to ensure that the area is painted professionally, that it looks good, and sometimes to save time or to make a deadline. Because of these reasons, it’s important that you hire a good quality painter or painting company in St. Louis.  You’ll  know the work will be done on time, within deadline, and within budget. Choosing a painter is usually easy, but you should check them out first before you hire. 

St. Louis Painting Companies

 Painters in St. Louis  Phone Number
 Beckner Painting and Remodeling  314-646-7000
 Dwyer Custom Painting  314-486-7499
 Fitzgibbon’s Painting

Heffernen Painting & Drywall

Herbster Hellweg




 Kennedy Painting  314-951-0156
 Looper Painting and Remodeling

Loren Painting



 Rice Painting  314-961-3988
 St. John Painting  636-928-6705
 Westwood Painting  636-458-6400

There are several painters in the St. Louis area, and it is wise for you to compare credentials. For example, does one have a license for contract work? Does one provide professional training to their employees? Compare what is offered for the price, factor in whether or not you have to provide materials, and if so how much the company charges you, and then make your decision based on every bit of information you can find. Another consideration that might be an issue is that most painters and contractors will charge to visit your home. If one company charges more than another, you might want to go with the cheaper option.

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Check Reviews: Almost every business will have reviews, whether it’s an instant recommendation from an experience on the phone or a past customer. An online review on a job or service review site, or tips and reputation from local hardware stores and locals, you can see what other people think about the business before you hire them to paint your property. Most of the time, if a painter has a bad reputation then it won’t be difficult to find out about. Common job review sites include Google Business and Yelp. 

Look For Past Jobs: Even if the painter is relatively new to the business, they should have past jobs, even if it is only their own home. Ask for either photos, or to be taken to the location of their past painting jobs to see how well they did. If you like the paint job, you can hire them, if not; you definitely know you don’t want to let them anywhere near your property. 

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Hire the Painter for the Job: Many painters specialize in certain jobs which is why it’s important to hire for the job. If you have a wall in your house that you would like to change color, a single painter with a small business will be perfect and inexpensive. If you want to paint your large business and have the job done within a few days, you’ll probably want to look into hiring a full scale professional painting company with several painters on hand. Matching the job to the painter will help to ensure that you are satisfied with your results. For example, were you to hire the large painting company for a small wall in your house, you might end up going over your budget because larger companies are usually more expensive due to maintaining more employees. 

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