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Pest Control

If you have bugs in your home, maybe you have considered hiring a St Louis exterminator to come out and look at your problem. But with all of the bug killing chemicals and products on the market, you might be wondering if the exterminator is really worth it. Can you do the same things yourself for less? Most people actually don’t know what a St Louis Pest Control Service or Exterminator will actually be doing. Sure we’ve seen the movies where they are the good guys, wiping out entire colonies of ants that have been made the heroes of the story or etc. but in real life, they are something different entirely. 

Pest Control St. Louis

2 nice guys St. Louis2 Nice Guys Termite and Pest Control  636-464-1411
2 Nice Guys Termite and Pest Control has been serving St. Louis and the surrounding area for over 25 years. We make sure that your pest control is handled by a true professional who is ABSOLUTELY committed to you, like we have been for 25 years. We have served thousands of satisfied customers in the St. Louis and St. Charles, MO area. For more information, give us a call or visit our website.  Mention and get $10 off your service charge from 2 Nice Guys Termite and Pest Control!

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Can Kill Large Colonies of Bugs & Pests Rats chewing through your food supplies, cockroaches inside of your fridge, snails everywhere? No matter what your problem with pests is, a St Louis exterminator or pest control company will be able to handle it. While you might want to stay away from a large colony of wasps yourself, a pest control service will know exactly what to do to get rid of them, permanently. While it can be a hard decision on whether to hire the exterminator or throw a bug bomb in with a wasp nest, you will most definitely get better results (and no stings) with a pro.

Can Remove Bugs & Pests from Your Walls Another great thing that an exterminator can do for you is remove pests from your walls and floorboards. You might not even know that the huge nest of cockroaches is living inside of your wall, but the exterminator can get rid of them. No more waking up with a cockroach on your nose! 

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 2 Nice Guys Termite and Pest Control  636-464-1411
 All Seasons All Pests  314-918-5909
 AMCO Ranger




 Blue Chip Pest Services  636-394-6400
 CES Pest and Termite Control  314-353-1101
 Chris The Mole Man  314-605-6687
 Holper’s Pest and Animal Solutions

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 Pied Piper Pest Control  314-567-5672
 Richardson Pest Solutions  636-387-2400
 Safeway Pest and Wildlife  314-334-3500
 St. Louis Pest Control  314-575-4215
 The Bug Lady  314-529-1074

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Will Know When to do A Follow-Up: To Make Sure Your Problem Is Gone You’ve probably sprayed or bug bombed an area to get rid of pests at one point or another. Whether you were trying to get rid of ants, bees or pesky cockroaches, most of us have realized that the first time doesn’t always work. An exterminator or pest control company in St Louis will come back to make sure that your problem is gone after the normal egg hatching periods for the pests they exterminated. 

Approved Powerful Chemicals: The stuff you can get at the store is approved for sale to the public, meaning that it is a lot less potent than what the exterminator will be using. What that means is that bugs are more likely to survive. A pest control service will use Government approved, high toxicity chemicals that will easily get rid of your problem. While no chemicals offer miracles, it certainly helps to know that you’re using the best thing to get rid of bugs in your home. Most pesticides used by STL exterminators are also humane, meaning they kill bugs and pests as quickly and painlessly as possible. If you have those ants on your conscious, you can at least rest easy knowing it was a quick death. 

Pest Control and Exterminator Associations

Missouri Pest Management Association

National Pest Management Association

Hiring an exterminator is a good idea if you have a large pest problem, or have cockroaches that you can’t seem to target the source of. Remember that bug problems can stem from your roof, beneath tile, floorboards, inside of your walls, from cracks, or even under your house. A professional STL exterminator or pest control company will be able to find them, and get rid of them quickly and easily.

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