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Hiring a St Louis plumber can mean anything from the disaster of your toilet not working or moving into a new house or even replacing your kitchen sink. Whatever you are having your plumber do, you have to know that he is doing the job well, how you would like it to be done and at a rate you can afford. These tips on hiring the right plumber should help you out. The most important tip for hiring the right St. Louis plumber or plumbing company is to call the them and ask about their rates, what, they can do and how fast they can do it. Some plumbers have waiting lists and if you’re toilet isn’t working, you need help now! If you have a big project that needs to be done, you should also try arranging it a few weeks in advance to ensure that the local St. Louis plumber will have the time in his schedule to do it.

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Check for Qualifications – Some plumbers have different qualifications than others. Some states require that plumbers and plumbing companies be licensed and others don’t. You can also find Master Plumbers, Junior Plumbers and Journeyman plumbers and each of these has a different level of training. If you need something simple done; then a journeyman plumber, or even a plumber without professional training will be your cheapest option. If you need something more complicated like replacing all of the pipes in your home, you might want to consider hiring someone with more training to get the job done right. 

Hiring the Right St. Louis Plumber

Value vs. Rate – Remember that at some point you will be paying more for value and that most of the time, a cheap plumber is one without a great deal of experience or skill. It is up to you to decide where you want to go between value and skill. A very cheap plumber will be affordable but might not give you the results you want, while a very expensive plumber will probably give you quality results at a high price.

Check the Yellow Pages – These days the yellow pages are online and offline. You can also check online sites such as STL Service to look for and find St Louis plumbers in your local area. If you’re in a big city, chances are there is one right around the corner. Otherwise, there might be one or more in your town. Try finding a list of plumbers in St Louis who can service your house so that you can find the best one out of a list in your area. If there are only one or two options, your choice is that much easier. Also, if your house is closer to one plumber than another, it might be cheaper to hire them rather than someone further away. 

Ask Friends – Your friends have probably hired plumbers in the past and your parents and family definitely have. Ask around to see who your friends recommend that you hire and who they recommend that you don’t. You can also consider checking online for reviews to see which plumbers have good business reviews and which ones have bad reviews. This can help you to make a decision on hiring the best plumber for you! 

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