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eco solar st louisAs a major portion of your household energy budget goes on paying the bills for heating up the water for conducting various domestic purposes. To shave off the energy bills you should be installing some alternative powering source, which can give you a benefit of using the energy for free. Solar power can be your best alternative for the purpose of heating water. Even though, the initial cost may seem high, the savings of energy bills within 5-7 years can pay back the amount of installation. 

Green Energy Can Help You Offset Your Utility Bills

Around one third of the total energy budget for a home is spending for the purpose of heating water for domestic uses. Heating of water for various purposes like water for showers, bathing and laundry is performed with the use of electricity or gases. On one hand, since the energy sources which are used for the above mentioned purposes are not renewable, there depletion and scrutiny is felt in every dimension, this has implication on the household energy bills as the bills get subsequently risen due to the inflation. The process of inflation will not leave human as the reserves of fossil fuel are depleting and its necessity still being felt. Hence, consumers, industrial, commercial and domestic establishment are constantly looking for potential and possible alternatives which can address their concern. Solar power can be best alternatives as it is completely renewable and is fully Eco-friendly. Solar power, for the purpose of heating water has been approved by consumer for around a century. This current article discusses on installation of solar powered water boiler, which helps in saving energy bills.

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Most probably, heating water with the energy of the sun is the simplest application of solar energy. In this simple process, the thermal rays of sun are tapped with definite collector system and are applied to the water. The two common ways of harnessing the suns energy are flat plate collector system and batch collector system.

The flat collector system basically constitutes the placement of series of pipes in the place where they receive direct sunlight. The southward orientations of the panels are most appropriate. Water is heated by the suns energy when water passes through the pipes. In order to get maximum heat, the materials of the pipes are so designed to fulfill the purpose.

A batch collector system essentially consists of water tank which in exterior is painted black for the purpose of absorbing the thermal energy. The roof is an appropriate location for its placement or it may be placed where it is able to receive most of sun light. But, it should be necessarily placed near the house in order to avoid heat loss of the water during transmission.

For effective use of the water heated by the two systems mentioned above, the regular plumbing system can be used advantageously. Electric and gas arrangement for boiling water can be used as backups. On in place where the suns energy is not sufficient to heat up the water, still the solar water can be used to preheat the water for the electric or gas boilers. This will subsequently result in saving of energy as the system will consume lesser energy to heat preheated water.

The initial cost of installation might seem to be a little more but as its requires lesser maintenance cost and the life of the system being at least 12 years, the cost of the installation can be paid off with the savings on energy bills within 5-7 years. And moreover you are helping reducing the production of green-house gases.