storage St. LouisKeeping things in the house that you find not necessarily important could be tiring and could even make the house messy and possibly look like a refuse bin but it is quite fortunate that those things could have some attachments in our memory therefore losing those things is like discarding those memories from our lives.  This gives one no choice rather than to stay in it but one would be a dumb ass if he/she does not get a solution. Well, there is solution for this, which is storage facilities provided by storage companies, with this one could be able to keep and store their things safely but there are key things to be noted or understood before signing a contract or subscribing for a storage company.

St. Louis Storage

STL storageMobile Attic  We would like to introduce you to something unique. We’re talking about Mobile Attic: Portable Storage as easy as 1-2-3. No need to rent a moving truck! We deliver your Mobile Attic self storage unit right to your door. You can take your time and load it on your own schedule. No more rushing around to pack up everything in one day. Mobile Attic of Missouri is locally owned and operated.


storage St. LouisSTL U Storage We are a family owned business working to provide you with a safe place to store your items. We have a large range of storage sizes for you to choose from. We offer all indoor, climate controlled facilities with covered parking to unload your valuables in any weather. For a small fee, we offer after hour access to your storage facility.  Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning out that basement or garage? Don’t worry, STL U Storage can do that for you too. We will come box up and haul away your unwanted stuff so you don’t have to.


Here are the major things you must consider before hiring a storage company:

Planning Your Resources

After an agreement is reached you will be expected to sign a contract which is one of the formal parts of the process, you can make a request to either take the agreement home for a proper reading and understanding or seek for time to go through the contract papers. Before now one should be aware of the terms and condition of the company, this is so because many storage companies would not tolerate a default in payments in a single month, a client who travels a lot for business purposes would be advised to use the long-term mobile storage contract.

Good Insurance Policy

Considering the fact that our goods are prone to the risk of losing it either through the process of transportation or otherwise, a storage company with a great insurance policy would be very helpful most especially for the mobile storage unit.

Know your charges

Some storage companies offer services for packing your stuff, loading and unloading, packing and unpacking and others at an extra cost it seems beneficial but you can actually cut the expenses by doing some yourself most especially if you have a friend around to help you with the work.

Check the Time Frame

Get to know the available rental period, i.e. the minimum rental period and the maximum rental period, ensure to make enquires about a termination of the contract and the refund policy available.

Going through these procedures before hiring a storage company would give you a superb hiring experience.