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Are you looking for a local company specializing in St. Louis swimming pools? A swimming pool is a great source of fun and entertainment for people of any age. While you can relax in a pool after a hard day at work, it can be also used to keep yourself in proper shape. Swimming is known to be the best full body exercise. However, installing a swimming pool in your St. Louis home is not an easy task. Unlike a car or a refrigerator, a swimming pool does not come in a single package. It needs to be installed along with many different parts or equipment, which makes the task more daunting. There are some questions you need to be answered before you actually look for a local St. Louis contractor to install it.

St Louis Swimming Pools

 Swimming Pool Companies in St. Louis  Phone Number
 Baker Pool & Spa  636-532-3133
 Bi State Pool & Spa  636-379-3000
 Just Pools & Spas 636-464-7110
 Pool Pros  314-427-7767
 PoolTron  314-428-1971
 Prestige Pools & Spas  314-821-6660
 R & S Pool and Spa  314-209-0770
 Westport Pools  314-432-1801
 Wilson’s Pools Plus  314-421-1301

What is your purpose for installing the St. Louis swimming pool? For small houses, it can be only for relaxation and you don’t actually want to swim in it. So, the depth can be less. On the other hand, if you are planning a pool for a resort or hotel, you must think about the capacity of the pool.

Swimming Pool Installation St. Louis

Where do you want to install the pool? Do you want it in your backyard or in your rooftop? Both have different aesthetic and come with different kinds of associated arrangement and materials like fiberglass, vinyl or concrete.Also, you can make a choice between in-ground and over ground swimming pool.

Do you have permission to install the pool? In some areas, you need permission from the local authority to install a swimming pool in your house.

The pool accessories and other amenities associated with it are very important for giving it a beautiful look. For example, if the swimming pool is in your backyard, you can probably install a small fountain to give it a splendid look. You can think of installing an outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower and a swim-up bar or maybe a play area for kids. It is much easier if you consider such things before installing the pool rather than modifying it later.

One more thing you must consider is the place to keep all the equipment such as the pump set, the circulation system and the heating arrangements. Installing the filtration system is very important as it can save a lot of water. Some of the most commonly used filtration systems are sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth (DE). Also, you have to be very cautious about the sanitization of the pool. Chlorine is the most commonly used sanitization in swimming pools.

Swimming Pools St. Louis

If you have kids in the house, safety is a major concern. You must plan to make a St. Louis fence or something like that. 

The maintenance of the pool is no easy task and must be well-planned before installing the pool. Maintenance of the pool also includes the maintenance of pump sets and circulation systems, which will also help you in saving energy in your St. Louis home.

Once you are all set up with your plan and made up your mind to install the pool, you can look for an agency in your area that has prior experience in setting up St. Louis swimming pools. As it is only a one-time setup, it is very important that you hire a good agency to install the swimming pool.