A tuckpointer works with the installation, maintenance and repair of masonry structures and road surfaces.  If you live in a brick home, tuckpointing can make it more energy efficient and eco friendly by replacing your brick mortar. Tuckpointing removes eroded mortar from the bed and head joints on buildings, monuments, chimneys and other brick or block structures in order to prevent waterproofing problems caused by aging and damaged mortar joints.  Hiring a tuckpointer to do this help prevent structural damage.


St. Louis Tuckpointing and Masonry  Phone Number
 Masonry & Glass Systems  314-535-6515
 Mirelli Tuckpointing  314-645-7818
 Porter Tuckpointing  314-645-1387
 Ronsiglio Tuckpointing  636-391-1117
 Varvaro Construction  314-645-2000

Whether you are in need of complete home tuckpointing, spot tuckpointing, or chimney tuckpointing and repair, patio tuckpointing, or stone foundation repair, contact a certified tuckpointer today. 
The best way to find a quality tuckpointer is to contact your local Brick Layer Union Hall or local Masonry Institute.